80.000 tons

Annual production of processed calcium carbonate

96% CaCO3

Mining and processing of calcium carbonate in privately owned quarries. Annual production exceeds 120,000 tonnes of processed and raw material.

40.000 tons

Annual production of calcium carbonate


Extraction and process of CaCO3 calcium carbonate.

The company

Powder Ltd was founded in 2004 in Oinoi Kozani. The founder of the company is Konstantinos Kourkoutas. The privately owned space is 40 acres.
The primary activity of the company is to serve multinational companies, active in the field of high-tech building materials in search of development in other areas where calcium carbonate is useful.
Our company has a calcium carbonate content of 96% CaCO 3. Mining is carried out in privately owned quarries and the annual output is 80,000 tonnes of processed material and 40,000 tonnes of crude. Calcium carbonate after conversion into very fine fractions is an auxiliary material and is used as a filler (calcium carbonate filler) for the production of various products in the building, chemical and composite industries as well as in agriculture to enhance acidic soils having a pH of 9.

(The material in this format is produced only in Kefalonia, Corinth and a foreign company in Thessaloniki.)


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